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November 1st, 2008


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I posted a short smattering of halloween photos. Check them out below:

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September 9th, 2008

The Ring

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I took Friday off from work, drove up to San Francisco, and spent the day looking at engagement rings and center diamonds. I thought the experience of buying an engagement ring would suck (both spending a lot of money, and dealing with the hard sale salesmen), but honestly, it was actually quite enjoyable. Valerie, the women who helped me, was very sweet, a bit energetic (but not quite draining), and we had a good time looking at rings.

I made my decision just in time to get the stone set and the ring sized before I left that day. I picked up the ring, signed away a lot of money, and drove back to Cupertino to meet Athena.

Having received her Dad’s blessing that morning (at 6:45 am, no less – they were travelling), and having purchased the ring, I was going to get down on one knee and do the traditional proposal (even though I had already asked her and she said yes). But, she wouldn’t let me.

So I just sat next to her, opened the box, and asked her to marry me.

Again, she said yes.

Here’s what was in the box:

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May 19th, 2008

Beach Photo Shoot

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Athena and I headed out to Santa Cruz yesterday to do a kick ass beach photo shoot.

She wore her bikini and a clean, white sun dress, and we went and played in the waves with my cameras. Did I mention I’m a lucky guy?? There’s some really good ones in this set.


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