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March 11th, 2009

The Perfect Nap

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I had the perfect nap the other day.  Seriously.  I think it takes a couple of major requirements to make a nap perfect.

  1. You have to be tired.  This one should be pretty obvious – if you’re not tired, why are you taking a nap?
  2. It’s gotta be brisk outside. Not cold, not hot, but brisk.  Imagine San Francisco mornings in the spring (mid spring, perhaps even raining).
  3. Sunshine. I nap better during the day when the sun is shining in the windows.
  4. Open windows.  I love hearing a breeze, and feeling it be slightly cold in the house.
  5. A big, comfy blanket.  Gotta have something to curl up underneath.
  6. Finally, a cuddle buddy.  A nap isn’t perfect unless it’s shared with someone.  🙂


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