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January 21st, 2009


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Anyone on my twitter feed has seen me post numerous updates on what’s happening in Gaza today.  What follows is my latest discovery: an essay by Noam Chomsky that does what I’ve been doing with my twitter updates – comparing the Gazan Operation to The Holocaust or 9/11.

Noam Chomsky lays into Israel, and the US, as terror-states, doling out terrorism far advanced from the alleged terrorism they’re fighting in Gaza.  It’s looking more and more like a new Holocaust, with Israeli troops slaughtering Gazan civilians to “educate” them – a policy that is tacitly condoned by both European and our own government – similar to the “education” of Grozny (See “Second Chechen War”), or the “education” of bin Laden’s 9/11 attacks on our civilian population.  How is it any different? Well, there is one main difference: technology.  Instead of passenger air craft, Israel is using White Phosphorus shells, and aerial bombs to destroy civilian infrastructure in order to cause the civilians to exert pressure on their governments to rein it in.

Quote of the day:

U.S. arms and military training played a role in 20 of the world’s 27 major wars in 2007.

74% of the world’s major wars in 2007 had our stamp of approval on them.  Does that worry anyone?

Read the article here.  It’s long, but it’s smart, and truly worth it if you’re at all concerned about civil rights, terrorism, international law, and a new world war.

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