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September 13th, 2008

Rule 240? No dice.

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I called up continental. Every flight into and out of Houston, Texas prior to 2pm was unconditionally canceled. This includes my flight. Unfortunately, since the cause was weather (as opposed to overbooking, mechanical malfunction, etc.), Rule 240 does not apply – so I had no dice getting my Continental fare transferred to another airline that didn’t have to go through Houston.

Eventually, they found a flight. 3pm departure from Indy, 8:06pm arrival in SJC. This is a 9 hour delay from my original arrival time. Very, very no bueno.

So, I took the flight as a contingency, and immediately loaded up (shameless plug – thanks guys!), and booked a US Airways flight from Indy to Charlotte (wrong way!) to SJC, leaving and arriving only 1 hour later than my original flight.

Diving catch number 67 of this god-forsaken trip.

I need a new personal adviser to tell me “hey, dip shit. Don’t fly to the east coast (/mid west) just before a hurricane hits the gulf coast.

Especially when the words Houston, Texas are printed all over your itinerary.


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September 11th, 2008

Indy: Day 2 (recap)

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We shot 445 photos, got 437 successful barcodes scans. Of that 437, 436 matched with my software – that’s a 99.77% success rate, which I think is pretty damn good. Even if you factor in the images we didn’t scan (including the half that were test shots), that’s still 98.2% success rate.

Not bad for 3 hours’ work. Did I mention I also performed my duties at my day job at the same time? Yea, I rock like that.

Here’s the production shots from the day (not the podium shots):

Looking forward, tomorrow should be fun. The forecast calls for rain – all … fucking … day … And I didn’t bring a poncho or rain coat. All I have is a zip sweater thing from North Face – while it’ll keep me warm, it definitely wont keep me dry.

Tomorrow should be fun.

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August 10th, 2008


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My flight has been delayed 1 hour to change the break pads on the plane. Kind of an important part, I figure. Plus, that shaves an hour off of 3 I’d have to spend in LAX; there’s always a plus side. 😉

Sent via a series of disturbances in the force…

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How to pack a tripod

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It’s already over.  Damn, time flies way too fast when you’re having fun!

After one week in Arkansas, at what would be a 5 star hotel if it wasn’t Athena’s parents house, it’s time to pack up and leave for home.  I’m no where near ready to go home and back to work, but my plane ticket is paid up for today, and my vacation ran out on Friday.

On that note, a quick how to: How to pack a tripod.

In a duffel, or similarly long suitcase, lay down a layer of clothes to be used as padding.  Finish off this layer – it should take up about about 1/3 of the bag, and cover the entire bottom.  I usually finish the layer with a few pairs of jeans or dark clothes, that way if my tripod has picked up some hitchhikers (dirt, mud, what-have-you), it rubs off on my jeans, and not on my white linen shirts.

Now, drop in the tripod, fully compacted.  Wrap a pair of sweatpants around the ballhead.  Make sure the tripod is centered in the duffel.  Now, top it off with another layer of jeans and dark clothes, at this point, start filling in the voids in the bag with your dirty clothes, or roll up some jeans and stuff them down the sides.  Top off the bag with the cleanest, lightest clothes.


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August 9th, 2008


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Because I gotta…

Last night’s hippie party, rightfully named “Rahm-stock,” was a blast.  We partied all night, drinking from a keg of Shiner Bock (you read that right, Shiner Bock in a keg!), and hung out with a bunch of real life hippies.

8/8/08 is the day.

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