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September 2nd, 2008

New cancer research

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They discovered the structure of the prime enzyme responsible for cell life and death (or irresponsible, in the case of cancerous cells), and they did it the same way they discovered the structure of DNA – Xray crystalography.  

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Burning Man

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Well, I missed it this year.  But I just got this touching tribute from my friends:

Quote: “and burning man wasn’t the same without el terriblé. and you wasted a lot of our beer, asshole. with the first couple of PBRs that were cracked open we poured some out for you.”

i <3 my friends…

Rock on!

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August 28th, 2008


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I’m finally, yes finally mixing down the June 28th show.

Yea, it has taken me a god damn long time to get to it.  Actually, it was basically mixed already, I just never got around to sound checking and mixing it down to mp3s.

A couple quick first impressions:

  • Noodling between songs is no bueno – we need to cut that shit out.
  • Also, our set needs to flow more (which leads to a shorter overall time)
  • Following that, we need more song, preferably more originals.
  • Given more originals, and a slightly more professional appearance (see point 1), I’d be 100% down to do a coffee shop tour of San Francisco, Sunnyvale, California, and/or across the states.
  • And also: we handled a broken string in the middle of a song, twice! and we handled it well.  Rock on.
  • A sparkly, clean mix (such as I got by using an 8 channel audio interface) necessitates a clean performance (which we didn’t exactly have) since you can way more easily hear all the mistakes… Next time, we’ll have a lot more rehearsals.

Anyway, expect mp3s of the show by tomorrow.


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August 14th, 2008

Back to the grind

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I’m back in town again, and back at work.  Only 7 work days off, and I have 1600 emails to go through – and three meetings on the day of my return.

Welcome Home?

All day wasted to meetings and email. Although not all the meetings were a waste.

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August 3rd, 2008

Jet lag

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The best way to deal with jetlag, I think, is to take two benedryll at 8pm local time, and force sleep til 11 am the next day.

I’m here in Arkansas, getting the royal treatment from Athena’s parents. We’ve spent all morning trying on costumes for their hippy party this coming Friday. What a way to start vacation. 🙂

I think I’ll spend the day on the lake today.

Sent via a series of disturbances in the force…

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