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October 2nd, 2008

Customer Service

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I recently tried to purchase mp3s from Amazon’s online store. Why you ask, given that I work at Apple, home of the wildly populare iTunes store?  Because Amazon doesn’t have DRM. End of story.

Anyway, I had a problem with my billing address (given that I’m moving, and it appears some of my accounts’ addresses have changed, and some haven’t).  I tried ordering about 3 times before it finally got through.

Today, I got this in my inbox:

Hello from

We’re sorry for the delay you experienced earlier today when trying to purchase digital content. We have good news – you should now be able to complete your digital order. As an apology, we have added a $5.00 gift certificate to your account. This gift certificate will be automatically applied to your next purchase of any item sold by

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this delay.


Customer Service Department

Now that’s customer service.

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September 12th, 2008

Indy: Day 3

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Word’s in we wont have the trophy girls until 1. Good thing we rushed to get here by 10am, since we have nothing to shoot! Apparently, their shirts had a logo issue – some one nit picked the logo and had new shirts made.

That leaves me plenty of time to work on day-job stuff.

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September 11th, 2008

Indy: Day 2 (recap)

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We shot 445 photos, got 437 successful barcodes scans. Of that 437, 436 matched with my software – that’s a 99.77% success rate, which I think is pretty damn good. Even if you factor in the images we didn’t scan (including the half that were test shots), that’s still 98.2% success rate.

Not bad for 3 hours’ work. Did I mention I also performed my duties at my day job at the same time? Yea, I rock like that.

Here’s the production shots from the day (not the podium shots):

Looking forward, tomorrow should be fun. The forecast calls for rain – all … fucking … day … And I didn’t bring a poncho or rain coat. All I have is a zip sweater thing from North Face – while it’ll keep me warm, it definitely wont keep me dry.

Tomorrow should be fun.

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Indy: Day 2

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I’m up at what would be 4:30am California time, and groggy as hell. My eyes hurt, and I’m tired – there’s no denying that.

This morning will be spent debugging the print job, figuring out what’s up with the barcodes (yay font substitution and rasterization).

After that, it’s off to the races where I can finally sit down and get some real-world work done.

BTW: Westin Hotels are lame – when you buy wireless (yes, after you spend $200 a night on a room, they make you buy your fucking wireless), you buy it for one machine, not your whole room. So I had to jury rig my machine to share the wireless over ethernet to Derek’s machine (yea, we’re sharing a room – another awesome thing).

Overall, the experience this time has been less than impressive so far.

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September 10th, 2008

Indy: Day 1

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The landing here was not so feathery. We’ve spent every minute from 5:15pm to 10:30pm thinking about plan B (and C and D) for if tomorrow morning doesn’t go as we hope.

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