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September 7th, 2005

Live (previously recorded) from The Man

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I arrived in Black Rock City late Saturday — pre-event — and had the pleasure of seeing the city unfold around us. Sunday night, just before 9pm, we were invited by Kate, one of the Med Chiefs, to go hit Frog pond, a local natural hot springs before the event started. Of course, we accepted. We were a bit rushed; with Linz’s feet still hanging out of the car, we had to chase down the other vehicles. Driving on the Playa is aventurous in a 2 wheel drive car — doing it at night is amazingly nutty: all you can see in every direction is dust. The whole goal of driving at night on the Playa is to keep the previous car’s tail lights visible at all times — HOLY SHIT, where’d they GO!?

At 80 mph, losing sight of the previous car’s tail lights was not an option. It happened. Speeding up to catch them would be equally stupid. The only option at this point was to use the radio and ask the other cars to wait up. By the time the dust settled, I was 1 mile behind.

Next day, I had my first med shift. Linz scheduled all her shifts at times that I didn’t, since we were both busy and neither of us knew when the other was scheduling for. The only shift we had in common was a RIT (Rapid Intervention Team) on the burn night (more on that later). They had flaming jump rope burn night, which was awesome, but so many people fucked up — Linz and I both jumped many times, and thought a few people would for sure catch on fire. Nope, no injuries, no problem. Just a shit load of great pictures.

However, some adjitated ranger came up with a “Medical Emergency” right as the man was going off big… GRRRR! Turns out the guy was just drunk and taking a nap. He needed no help at all. FUCK! We missed most of the kick ass fireworks….. oh well…

The whole week was insane (as it always is). The artwork this year was bigger and badder assed (a new adjective I invented).

Also, I got told by Seth that I was being slated for a supervisor position, and Mike asked if I’d be interested, because Kate wanted names of recommendations. Its awesome that people are thinking of me for this!

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July 31st, 2005

Indie Music

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While visiting my lady love in Grass Valley, CA, we ran into Cooper’s, a local dive bar, and saw a show by a talented young group of rock stars, the Blue Turtle Seduction.

The show was very fun. As Linz put it: “It was hard not to move.” Great band. I thought about buying a CD, but with drinks at $8 a pop, I had no leftover cash. Perhaps I’ll do what you should do, and order one online. Good music!

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July 18th, 2005

Panoramic View

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I finally made a panorama of Burning Man 2004. Bear with me, as this is my first panorama. I know the seams are ugly, stfu!

In other news: the fact that my fucking ignition coil is bad after 50K miles is bullshit. It pisses me off that I have to miss some work to buy parts, pick up my car, and replace that bastard part, as well as all 4 spark plugs (if you’re gunna do one… might as well put them all on the same repair schedule). Damnit! I’m already missing Friday, and may have to take the train home. Lets see if I can marathon through the repairs. Anyone wanna take me parts shopping tomorrow?

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July 12th, 2005

Fish Nets

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I went to a Goth club last night for the first time ever, to hang out with Neil and work on a contest idea. There were so many people dressed up in neat outfits, and I managed to capture this girl’s fish nets through a window. I had lots of fun at the Goth club, even though it was obvious that I have no Goth style. Very fun.

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April 12th, 2005


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