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September 12th, 2008

Indy: Day 3

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Word’s in we wont have the trophy girls until 1. Good thing we rushed to get here by 10am, since we have nothing to shoot! Apparently, their shirts had a logo issue – some one nit picked the logo and had new shirts made.

That leaves me plenty of time to work on day-job stuff.

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August 29th, 2008

Your daily dose of politics

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John McCain just named his VP pick. And, man, is it a doosy.

Here’s the rundown:

  • Former mayor of an Alaskan town of 1000 people – no foreign policy experience.
  • She (yes, she) wants to overturn Roe v. Wade – the supreme court case that said that women have the right to choose. How can anyone, let alone a woman, think that they can decide what all other women can and cannot do with their own bodies.
  • Her husband works for British Petroleum.  Good one, there…
  • She wants to fight against calling Polar Bears an endangered species.
  • Sarah Palin is under investigation by the Alaska state legislature.  Wow!
  • And, to top it off, she wants to teach Creationism in school … as in the Bible.  Don’t get me wrong, I was raised religious, but intelligent people know that they are allegories, and not to be taken strictly literally.  Also, has any Republican ever heard of a little term I like to call Separation of Church and State?  I’m pretty sure it’s in this little-heard-of-by-republicans document called the Constitution of The United States.  Read it, bitches.
To my dearest friends in the middle states: Don’t fuck it up again.


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August 28th, 2008

On Coffee

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There’s really nothing worse than coffee that is just too sweet. Sorry, Starbucks, you can keep all your carmel, vanilla, chocomochiato crap. Give me black coffee with cream and I’m set.

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August 22nd, 2008

On Lyrics

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Q: Why did they call their song “I can ride a bike with no handlebars?”

A: Because “I can debug a kernel panic in someone else’s driver with no source information, only assembly code and my knowledge of HowShitWorks(TM),” was too long.

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July 31st, 2008

Bricked? think again.

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It’s amazing how often I’ve been hearing the term “bricked” used these days by people with little or no hardware/firmware engineering experience.  People in the media are claiming that iPhones are being bricked by not activating; if they can’t use it to make phone calls or check email, it’s now bricked.  If it doesn’t come usable out of the box, it’s bricked. Some people claim any device that has become or is otherwise useless is “bricked.”

By that definition, those programmable remotes all ship bricked – they don’t perform any useful function until you program them for your TV. Clearly, however, they are not bricked.  They still work, all you have to do is program them.  

Similarly, by this definition, any device that requires battery power, but has no batteries is bricked.  But those devices aren’t bricked – add batteries again, and you’re back in business.

Bricked is a special term, not to be used lightly, or without understanding its meaning.

A little education goes a long way.

Definition: BrickedAdjective.  Bricked means the device will no longer power on, due to some irreparably misconfigured hardware or firmware or a fried (e.g., permanently destroyed) internal component. Bricked is only slightly different than destroyed (e.g., physically smashed with a sledge hammer), in that is is theoretically possible to ressurect the device, but you god damned better have a JTAG device or soldering iron or other hardware debugging device to load new firmware/components back on it (and even then, it’s really only a 50/50 chance you’ll ever see it boot up again).  

Usage: “I’m sorry, Bob, the firmware flash for your embedded device failed halfway through, and now it wont even boot up.  The damn things bricked, and without a JTAG board to restore the bits, it’ll never function again.”

Basically, if you’ve never had an electrical engineering class, or developed embedded firmware, you probably shouldn’t be using the word “bricked” in casual conversation.

If your iPhone doesn’t let you use it without activating, that is not bricked.   

That’s locked.

That’s you (or AT&T) being an idiot.

Unless you’re flashing firmware on a device, and it never boots up again, don’t say your device is bricked.

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