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September 27th, 2005

about me

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This is my personal blog, if you are interested in my open-source project history, read this.



For the first 3 summers in college, I had no luck in the internship scene; I did odd jobs, counselled at summer camps, and worked as an assistant director of aquatics (and search and rescue efforts) at a local summer camp. Finally, in summer 2005, Apple Computer picked me up for performance engineering. I was a last minute hire, but cherished the chance.

I graduated Cum Laude with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering. After graduation, I made the trip to Southern New Zealand, had a blast with Active New Zealand – a tour group geared toward outdoor enthusiasts who like to, well, be active. After that, I continued full-time employment at Apple Computer (see below).

Speaking of the outdoors, I’ve always been interested in climbing, so it was natural for me to accept my friend’s invitation to go climbing in my Senior year in High School. I quickly got deep into the sport, and since have converted many friends I would have to the sport, convincing them to go on high-angle, technical, death defying climbs with me in Yosemite, and Donner summit, two of my favorite places to climb. I have pictures on the photo page linked in the title bar.


I’m into photography, music (both playing, and creating), reading, writing, meditating, buddhism, random different stuff, learning about different people and cultures,…


I’ve been working as a dual Software Engineer and Performance Engineer for Apple Inc. I work full time at the headquarters in a nice, sexy office, where I’m currently writing and maintaining some sweet, low-overhead, kernel-level profiling software.

I’ll update this page as necessary…

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