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December 12th, 2011

Home Update Photos: After

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The Entry way

This is our entry way.  They had some really crappy coat hooks up on the wall that were attached to some random, unpainted board.  We ripped that down, repainted the wall, and attached much nicer coat hooks directly to the wall.

The Breakfast Nook

Our breakfast nook.  They used to have a god awful fan that hung down so low, you’d nearly knock your head on the lights.  We replaced that with a temporary light fixture.  It’s so much better!  We hung up a stemware rack on the left there, added a large mirror on the wall (to increase the apparent size of the room/nook), and moved our old desk there (temporary until we get a proper bar fixture).

Kitchen Repainted

All of the cabinets got sanded down, nearly to bare wood, primed and repainted.  Then, all of the hardware (hinges and pulls) were replaced with more contemporary styles.  We added a moveable island to the left of the stove for more counter space, fixed the hole in the wall for the vent hood, and attached a spice rack, and fixed the broken tiles.

Family Room Wall

Family Room

The speakers on the wall there are temporary – we’re going to install in-ceiling speakers (I got it all wired, just need to install the speakers). TV wires are buried in the wall, along with TV power.  I just need to finish hooking a couple things up before we can get ride of all the wires hanging down.  We also added those crown moulding style shelves on the wall. Lovely!

New Shower Head

Repaired Shower Tiles

Bathroom overall

We hung a really cool double-bar towel rack (two frosted glass rods), another crown moulding shelf, and nice robe hooks (behind the door).  We also replaced the ghetto-fab tension bar for the shower curtain (something seen more in college apartments than houses) with a really nice, curved curtain rod, installed on the dry wall.

Master Bedroom

Repainted, hung window treatments, added a mirror.  This is the new color of our master bedroom.

Master Bedroom

We replaced the ugly ceiling fan in the bedroom with this more modern and clean design.  Also, on the left wall is a long crown-moulding style shelf.


Did I mention I built the closets from scratch?  Yea, double bar on one side, single bar with shelves on the other.

Master Bedroom

One more angle of the beautiful master bedroom.

Fixed furnace closet doors.

We reattached the missing cross-member from the furnace closet door.  Looks much nicer now!


Our home-office, viewed from the window.

The Desk

Added a nice wrap-around double desk.  Really looks nice in there.  And we still have room for an air bed on the floor when guests stay over.


Well, that’s most of the inside updates.  We (obviously) still have quite a few things on the list to do.

Stay Tuned!

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