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July 5th, 2011

Home Updates

Posted by rdub in Life

Hey Everyone,

As you may or may not know, I’ve recently purchased a home. I’ve been spending most of my free time these days fixing it up, and getting it livable for me and my family.

I’ll outline here what we’ve done so far, and in the coming days, will post some photos of “before/after”.


  • Removed un-permitted “room” conversion from the Garage.
  • Replaced kitchen door
  • Patched large hole in drywall in kitchen
  • Fully sanded, repainted, and replaced all hardware on all kitchen cabinet
  • Repaired damaged kitchen tiles
  • Removed box-wood shrubs from the backyard
  • Over-seeded the back lawn
  • Replaced all electrical sockets and outlet covers with modern fixtures and designer covers
  • Partially repainted baseboards (plan to have all of them done by the end of the year).
  • Repaired missing wood from Furnace cabinet doors
  • Sealed of furnace cabinet from the attic (it was just allowing heat in/out through there before).
  • 75% complete with adding a radiant heat barrier to the underside of the roof decking
  • Installed solar attic fan in main-house attic
  • Plans to complete both of the above for the garage attic by end of the year
  • Sealed garage attic off from main house attic (was partially vented before)
  • Replaced shower drain P-trap and shower head
  • Repaired broken tile in shower
  • Painted every single wall
  • Built a garage work table with recycled wood from the removal of the room conversion
  • Rewired motion light at front of garage
  • Installed motion light at backyard
  • Replaced a broken GFCI outlet in bathroom
  • Installed proper GFCI outlets in garage
  • Installed a new ceiling fan in master bedroom
  • Installed dimmer switch in bathroom
  • Installed motion activated garage light

I’m sure there’s more I’ve forgotten, and will add to these notes soon. ┬áHope this inspires all you other home-improvers out there!


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