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November 18th, 2008

ryan du bois (dot) net

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I just put a new website for our music and jam band online at the link below (bottom of the post).  It includes an entirely new web design, an announcement mailing list, a brand spanking new pod cast (which I’ll talk about later), and bios on the current “permanent” band members.

Podcast, Podcast, Podcast.  I’ve started a new, listener-contribution driven podcast for original music.  It’s called Barefoot Music, and it welcomes everyone’s original content for posting.  Currently, it has the full-length mp3 of our second two Cafe Trieste shows. I’m going to start posting more cuts of some acoustic guitar music as well.

If any of you out there feel like contributing original music to be heard on a podcast, simply send an email to

Without further ado, the new site:  ryan du bois (dot) net » Welcome.

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