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September 24th, 2008

The Post of the Beast

Posted by rdub in Life, Rants

Moving has the potential to turn me into an alcoholic for a month on either side.

I listed my place on Craigslist, and have received 11 separate calls today alone, all from different numbers.

Originally, my landlord made it sound like it was a simple, painless process. “yea, just send them our way, fill out an application, pay the credit check fee, and if they pass, they’re in.” Coupled with a few “we do this all the time”s.

Now, a prospective tenant calls me and says they turned her away from the office, being very frustrated, and having said things like “we don’t have to do this, we’re doing him a favor, and he’s sending too many people our way.” And also, “I’ll rent you a unit right now for $1500, but we don’t have to do anything for him.”

I’m sorry, but aren’t the landlords in a better position to determine what kind of tenant you want than I am? You’re the ones running the credit checks; I can’t do that.

So, instead of doing the right thing, and calling me up and saying “wtf, you’re sending like 15 people?!? zomg!” They’re getting irate at tenants?!? Who are these people?

btw: this is the 666th post, apparently.

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