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September 11th, 2008

Indy: Day 2

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I’m up at what would be 4:30am California time, and groggy as hell. My eyes hurt, and I’m tired – there’s no denying that.

This morning will be spent debugging the print job, figuring out what’s up with the barcodes (yay font substitution and rasterization).

After that, it’s off to the races where I can finally sit down and get some real-world work done.

BTW: Westin Hotels are lame – when you buy wireless (yes, after you spend $200 a night on a room, they make you buy your fucking wireless), you buy it for one machine, not your whole room. So I had to jury rig my machine to share the wireless over ethernet to Derek’s machine (yea, we’re sharing a room – another awesome thing).

Overall, the experience this time has been less than impressive so far.

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