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September 11th, 2008

Indy: Day 2 (recap)

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We shot 445 photos, got 437 successful barcodes scans. Of that 437, 436 matched with my software – that’s a 99.77% success rate, which I think is pretty damn good. Even if you factor in the images we didn’t scan (including the half that were test shots), that’s still 98.2% success rate.

Not bad for 3 hours’ work. Did I mention I also performed my duties at my day job at the same time? Yea, I rock like that.

Here’s the production shots from the day (not the podium shots):

Looking forward, tomorrow should be fun. The forecast calls for rain – all … fucking … day … And I didn’t bring a poncho or rain coat. All I have is a zip sweater thing from North Face – while it’ll keep me warm, it definitely wont keep me dry.

Tomorrow should be fun.

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