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August 28th, 2008


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I’m finally, yes finally mixing down the June 28th show.

Yea, it has taken me a god damn long time to get to it.  Actually, it was basically mixed already, I just never got around to sound checking and mixing it down to mp3s.

A couple quick first impressions:

  • Noodling between songs is no bueno – we need to cut that shit out.
  • Also, our set needs to flow more (which leads to a shorter overall time)
  • Following that, we need more song, preferably more originals.
  • Given more originals, and a slightly more professional appearance (see point 1), I’d be 100% down to do a coffee shop tour of San Francisco, Sunnyvale, California, and/or across the states.
  • And also: we handled a broken string in the middle of a song, twice! and we handled it well.  Rock on.
  • A sparkly, clean mix (such as I got by using an 8 channel audio interface) necessitates a clean performance (which we didn’t exactly have) since you can way more easily hear all the mistakes… Next time, we’ll have a lot more rehearsals.

Anyway, expect mp3s of the show by tomorrow.


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