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August 10th, 2008

How to pack a tripod

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It’s already over.  Damn, time flies way too fast when you’re having fun!

After one week in Arkansas, at what would be a 5 star hotel if it wasn’t Athena’s parents house, it’s time to pack up and leave for home.  I’m no where near ready to go home and back to work, but my plane ticket is paid up for today, and my vacation ran out on Friday.

On that note, a quick how to: How to pack a tripod.

In a duffel, or similarly long suitcase, lay down a layer of clothes to be used as padding.  Finish off this layer – it should take up about about 1/3 of the bag, and cover the entire bottom.  I usually finish the layer with a few pairs of jeans or dark clothes, that way if my tripod has picked up some hitchhikers (dirt, mud, what-have-you), it rubs off on my jeans, and not on my white linen shirts.

Now, drop in the tripod, fully compacted.  Wrap a pair of sweatpants around the ballhead.  Make sure the tripod is centered in the duffel.  Now, top it off with another layer of jeans and dark clothes, at this point, start filling in the voids in the bag with your dirty clothes, or roll up some jeans and stuff them down the sides.  Top off the bag with the cleanest, lightest clothes.


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