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April 10th, 2008

A Few Good Emails

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Waking up this morning at 6:45 to hit the gym, I couldn’t help but think today would be painful. And the gym definitely was – all the climbing holds were stone cold (and thus very hard and unforgiving), and I was tired and sore.

Working out didn’t go terribly well nor terribly poorly, and I was off thinking today was going to be downright unremarkable.

Then I got home. Checked my email: 2 unread messages.

The first, a terse yet friendly response from Bruce Schneier, the godfather of cryptography himself, to an email I sent him yesterday.

The second, a more friendly, less terse note from the producer of, the most well-respected blog/podcast about cover songs on these here ‘tubes, about our Caffe Trieste show!

Yea, today is making a u-turn and getting in the fast lane of kick-ass highway.

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