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August 3rd, 2007

show me spicy

Posted by rdub in Culinary Orgasms

I’m still a bit drained, but for a damn good reason. This past weekend (and on into the week), Athena was up visiting! She arrived late Thursday night (we’re talking 3am style). After sleeping in, she came into work Friday afternoon, met everyone, and joined us all at the Beer Bash that night.

I had plans to go camping with my family over the weekend, and although I invited her, she had other plans, so we met back up Sunday night for a date: coffee at Barefoot Coffee, then Italian at Frankie, Johnny, and Luigi’s. I love that place – very quiet at 10:30 Sunday night. After dinner, we drove up to Sky Line Blvd (and got lost along the way), and hung out at an abandoned vista point overlooking the city lights below.

Monday I worked from home. We hit up this Mediterranean place called Mediterranean Wraps on California Ave in Palo Alto – total Culinary Orgasm. The lamb shewarma wrap was excellent – very tender. I ordered it spicy, and apparently the clerk put a bit too much spice on it; the proprietor took him back to the kitchen and had the clerk demonstrate his technique – it was hilarious. The owner guy (who was running the grill in a nice shirt and slacks) kept coming out with free tea, felafal, and baklava. This was probably the best lunch/dinner I’ve had in a while, if only for the sheer entertainment of it all. Not to mention, it was the best lamb wrap I’ve had in ages.

I convinced her to stay Tuesday night, as well. We went out to BJs with our mutual friends (one of which was the girl who originally set us up).

Overall, It was an excellent weekend that spilled over into the week. It was great having her here, and I can’t wait to go see her new place in Los Angeles. I’m planning my sneak attack already! =)

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